Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

Below are questions often asked about our services and what we do here.

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Moving Company

Yes! There is no size limit for the houses we will move. We can move a small, two-bedroom house or a large 10,000-square-foot mansion on moving day. Just let us know when you contact us what size house you need us to move, and we will prepare a detailed quote with our best crew for the job.

Yes! If you need office moving help or just someone to do the job the right way, we can help! We know how important it is to efficiently move a business. You need a professional moving company for your upcoming move that understands the importance of minimal downtime. With The Official Movers, we will effectively and efficiently move you into your new office or commercial building with minimal downtime to your business!

Yes! We will disassemble furniture as needed, or you can disassemble the furniture before we arrive, and we will wrap and pack items accordingly onto the moving truck. We can deliver the items disassembled at the new location or assemble them on-site. We can disassemble and reassemble as needed per your request!

Yes! We move items to and from cities outside of the Austin Metropolitan Area (AMA) all the time. We only require that the pickup location or delivery location is within the AMA. We will not pick up or deliver to an area outside of Austin, Texas, when neither location is located in the AMA.

We charge hourly rates that begin when the customer signs the contract at the beginning of the job. The hourly rate continues until we reach the delivery location and the customer signs the contract at the time of delivery. We will not charge an additional rate for long-distance delivery.

Whether a move has snuck up on you or you need to relocate in a hurry, we can help! As long as the job is scheduled before 1:00 PM, we can arrange for same day moving! Let us know if you need same day moving, and we will schedule a moving crew to arrive at your location and begin the moving process.

Our moving crew does not stop until the job is done. Even if the crew has worked a full eight-hour shift, they will continue working until the job is complete. You never have to worry that the job will only be half done or will stop in the middle of the process. We complete the job no matter what time it is and provide a positive moving experience.

No. Our rates are based on the number of crews needed for the job and how many men are assigned to each crew. You will not find a hidden fee or rate change if the job has taken longer than expected. Our rates are all-inclusive and will not change if the job has taken longer than expected.

We know how important it is to keep your house safe. Whether it’s the home you’re moving out of or the home you’re moving into, we will keep it protected. That’s why we use ¾ quilted padding and non-reusable materials like stretch wrap to protect your home from scratches, scuffs, and dings.

We can move motorcycles by loading them into our box truck or enclosed trailer. If a car is operable, it can be driven by one of our drivers and moved to the new location. We will need to know if you have a motorcycle or car that needs to be moved so that we can plan accordingly with the correct size truck or trailer and a driver that can drive the car.

No, the owner is not required to be present at the time of the move; however, an authorized adult must be present to sign the contract at the beginning and end of the move. Without an authorized adult present at the time of the move to sign the beginning of the contract, the move cannot begin. If an authorized adult is not present at the time of delivery, our crew will wait until an authorized adult is present to sign the contract before we begin unloading.

The Official Movers has been in business since August 2018, but we have over 30 years of moving experience. The Official Movers is dedicated to providing the best moving experience for customers in the Austin Metropolitan Area. We will be glad to provide references for our jobs at your request!

After delivery, it is the customer’s responsibility to inspect all items. The customer must submit a written claim to our company email if an item is damaged or missing. The written claim must include pictures of the damage within 5 days of delivery. If the item is missing, the customer must notify us by a written claim to our company email within 5 days of delivery.

The Official Movers is a carrier. We are a minority-owned company and proudly perform the work ourselves. A broker outsources the work to a third party. We pride ourselves on hiring the best crew for the job and delivering excellent customer service to all of our customers.

No, all of our estimates are hourly rates determined by the information the customer has provided us. The total cost of the job depends on how many hours it takes to complete it. The hourly rate will never change even if the job has taken longer than expected.

Yes, we pride ourselves on hiring the best employees for our team. All our employees have undergone a background check to verify they meet our standards. We understand the feeling of having a stranger enter your home and move your belongings. That’s why we require all our employees to pass a background check to do the job.

We have a 72-hour cancellation policy. If a customer reschedules with us in ample time, there is no charge to reschedule. However, if the job is canceled less than 72 hours from the moving date, there will be a two-hour minimum charge to cancel the move.

We always offer a 5% military discount as an appreciation of our military and armed forces. You will need to notify us that you are a current or former military member with a proper ID to receive this discount.

When our drivers and crews arrive at the moving location, they will immediately inspect the location for areas that need to be properly protected. This includes doorways, flooring, and trim. Next, our crew will inspect the items being moved to ensure they have been properly packed. If not, they will properly pack the items using the required materials at no additional charge, as this is part of the moving process. Finally, our crew will load the items into the truck and move them to the new location, where they will be offloaded, assembled, and organized.

Our minimum hourly rate for a job is two hours. If the job takes longer than two hours, we will not leave until the job is done, and we will not change the hourly rate if the job takes longer than expected. If the job takes less than two hours, you will be charged the two-hour minimum. Our goal is to get you moved as quickly as possible!

If you’re ready to book us for your move, all you need to provide is a credit card. The credit card will hold your scheduled moving day and guarantee your items will arrive at the new location on that day. If you need same-day moving, just make sure you book with us early so we can get you on the schedule before 1:00 PM!

The hourly rate starts when you sign the contract upon our arrival. We will immediately get to work preparing for the move. The hourly rate includes packaging, loading, and driving to the new location. We will unload your items from the truck and place them inside the building at the new location, assembling and organizing any items as needed. The hourly rate is complete when the contract is signed at the end of the job.

Absolutely. Let us know which rooms you need each box to go to, and we will place them accordingly. If the boxes have been labeled, we will place them according to the label, or you can tell us where they need to be placed.

Yes! This is something we commonly see when moving. Whether two people are moving in together or additional furniture is located at another location, we’ve seen it all. We can make an extra stop to pick up additional furniture. Just let us know the address of the location so we can factor it into our rate.

Yes! This is another thing we commonly see when moving. Not everyone wants to take all of their old furniture with them when they move, but they also can’t leave it behind. Just let us know that you need to take furniture to a local donor, and we will make the stop!

Absolutely! Whether you need to move items into a storage facility or if your house is finally ready to move into, we can move you into or out of a storage facility. We are commonly requested to move items out of or into a storage facility.

Yes, we are the exclusive moving company to many local retirement facilities in the Austin area. We can move items into or out of a local retirement facility. Let us know which retirement facility you are moving into or out of, and we will be glad to help!


Specialized Item Movers

Of course! We move vending machines of all types and sizes. It doesn’t matter what we’re moving—we treat the items like our own. Our team specializes in moving items of all shapes and sizes, and vending machines are no exception. We will take care of the vending machine and get them safely moved from one location to the next!

Yes! We can move hot tubs from small 3-person hot tubs to as large as 7-person hot tubs. When you contact us for a free quote, please include the hot tub size so we can quote the job accordingly! We will send out the right crew to safely move your hot tub from your old house to your new house!

Our movers are trained to move extra-large items of all shapes and sizes. We will only charge for extra-large items when they weigh over 200 pounds. Some examples of extra-large items that are not included in our standard moving rate include pianos, hot tubs, gun safes, and safe boxes. The weight and liability will determine the cost of moving an extra-large item.

All heavy items are placed on dollies, hand trucks, or carts to help remove them safely from the building. Once outside, the items can be placed onto the lift-gate of the truck for them to be safely loaded onto the truck.

Yes! We can move safes of all types, shapes, and sizes. We can move safes from 200 pounds to 2,000 pounds. Safes can be difficult to move. That’s why our crews are supplied with the right equipment for the job. The safe will be placed onto the truck's lift gate and loaded into the truck.

Don’t worry about taking the TV off the wall before we get there! We can remove it for you. We will dismount all TVs from all of their wall mounts. The only thing we will not do is install the new wall mounts or mount the TVs to the wall at the new location.

Yes! We can move all types of appliances, including refrigerators, washers and dryers, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, and many more. We will protect your appliances by using the appropriate wrapping so that they don’t get dented, scratched, or scuffed during the moving process.


Packing Services

Yes! All you need to do is let us know that you need us to pack and unpack your items, and our crew will be glad to do this for you! All of our team members are trained in packing and unpacking items for moving to keep them as protected as possible during the move. Let us know if we need to use our packing and unpacking services when you contact us for a quote!

All of our rates are all-inclusive, so you never have to worry about surprise charges showing up. We will wrap and pack all of your items when loading our items from your old location. Once at the new location, we will unpack your items and organize them in the location you tell us.

Our rates are all-inclusive, so you’ll never see surprise charges for items like extra boxes. We will be happy to use any boxes or packaging materials you provide, or we can use our own. If using our materials, the cost will be included in the all-inclusive rate, and you will never be charged extra.


Moving Truck Services

Depending on the job's size, we may send two or three people in our moving crew. When you contact us to get a quote for the job, we will need to know some important information to determine how many people we should send in our moving crew. We will need to know how many rooms are being moved, how many flights of stairs are involved at both locations, and if you have any large items we need to know about. This will help us determine which size crew is best for your move!

We have different sizes of trucks and trailers we can use depending on the job. We can use a 24-foot box truck with a lift gate or a truck with an enclosed 26-foot trailer. When you contact us for a quote, we will need to know how many rooms you are moving and if there are special items included in the move. This will help us determine the best truck or trailer to use for the job!

We will only provide overnight storage, so the items must be delivered the following day after they are packaged and loaded onto the truck. Overnight storage rates are a $200 flat rate per truck, no matter how many items are in the truck.

Unless you need to make an additional stop at another location, like a storage facility or a donation center, we will load the furniture onto the truck first. The heaviest items should go in first, leaving boxes and smaller items to go in last.

No, we will not load any hazardous materials. This includes gasoline, oxygen tanks, propane cylinders, painting materials, and fireworks. Hazardous materials are dangerous to move because they can pose a health or safety risk to those moving them.

This depends on how many rooms you are moving and how many people are assigned to the crew. One of our fully loaded trucks may take between four to five hours to load, but that is typically when an entire house is being moved from one location to the next. For just one room, it will likely take less time. It just depends on how many rooms are being moved and how many people are assigned to the moving crew.

Generally, it takes longer to load a moving truck because a lot of coordination goes into weight distribution and placing the right items in the right places. Many of our customers are surprised when they see how much faster it is to unload a moving truck than loading it!

A 26-foot box moving truck can hold about 12,000 pounds. This is equivalent to 500 boxes or 15 furniture items, including three king-size mattresses, an entire bedroom furniture set, an entire living room furniture set, kitchen appliances, and a washer and dryer. Seeing how many items our movers can securely load into a 26-foot moving truck is amazing!

Yes! Our movers are equipped to make the most of the space within a 26-foot moving truck! We can safely and securely pack a 4-bedroom house into our 26-foot truck. A 26-foot moving truck can hold approximately 7 rooms of furniture, including the bathrooms, living room, and kitchen. Let us know how many rooms you’re moving so that we assign the right number of crew members for the job!