We’re in this business because we know that some things are priceless. Our clients spend time working hard to acquire possessions that they care for, and we want to be movers who value what you have and will protect your treasures. You can trust your possessions in our capable hands — we’ll treat your items as our own. Anybody can move furniture, but our value is in our trust, respect, and loyalty. No job is too big or too small — we’ll do them all. Proudly based in Pfugerville/Round Rock, TX.

Our Story

Back in the 90’s, Edis Arriola opened a successful moving service, but eventually stepped away so that he could focus on being the best dad he could be to his children. Now that the kids are older, Edis wants to complete his dream and finish what he started with The Official Moving Company.

Reliable Experts

There are a lot of movers to choose from when moving your office. Rest assure as we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. The Official Moving Company, LLC. is the moving service that is honest, reliable and committed to helping you achieve your goals and objectives without compromising quality.

Customer Love

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